Corporate Email Hosting


Is your company still using free emails such as Gmail, Hotmail etc? Have you always wonder how to have your email@your-company-name.com? At Big Mouth Marketing, we will help you setup your corporate email at relatively low cost as compared to corporate email solution. Having a corporate email is a basic need for all businesses today to portray a positive and professional image for your company and brand.

Pay For What You Need

Why pay for something that you do not utilise when we can provide a FREE professional consultation to understand your business needs for corporate email and advice a budget and space needed that suits you.

Create Unlimited Email Addresses

We always believe that a company should not be limited by its growth and especially in terms of email accounts you can create. Whichever plans we advice you after the professional consultation, we will ALWAYS provide unlimited email accounts.

Less Spam, More Businesses

Our servers are configured to block off most spams and operate at a faster speed! We also configure the server as such that popular email providers such as Hotmail and Gmail does not block us and has a healthy ACL (Email Ranking), which in turn provide more businesses for you as less disruption to the business is needed.

Read Your Email On The Go

Our email service can be configured on your mobile devices such as iPhone & Android with ease. We would be glad to assist you for the configuration should you require any help.

Web Hosting

Looking for a reliable web host for your current websites? Having problem installing new CMS or PHP-based software on your current webserver? Look no further than us as we can provide a FAST, RELIABLE & ROBUST web hosting solution that is simple to setup with cPanel and hosted in Singapore.

If you want to start having your corporate email addresses, call us @ +65 90604096 or email to james@superbigmouth.com today and we will have it up within 3 working days!