Customized Software PROGRAMMING

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Need a software to automate and streamline your business processes? Can’t find any off-the-shelves software solutions to cater to your business’ needs?

We are your solution to your problem. Over the years, we have designed & developed many customized software for our customers from industries such as logistic, interior design, Spa & Beauty and many others.

Our highly experienced consultants (analyst) are able to ‘connect’ your business to software solutions via the following means:

  1. We are understand and communicate with the users to find out the needs of your business, then translate it into software solutions.
  2. We design logical use-cases and use tools such as rational rose to optimize business operations.
  3. Depending on business needs, we can advise the most suitable platform and is able to consult on hardware and security suitability.
  4. We develop the system within timeframe.
  5. We are also able to test the system and resolve all bug.

Some of the examples of software which we have customized:

Case study 1: Physiotherapy Clinic Tracking System

Platform: Mobile app (Android & iOS) and backend system

A customized system to provide clinic’s patients with the ability to upload own progress (images,text and video) such as joint movements for the clinic’s doctor to track progress and communicate with patient. End-to-end encryption allow patient’s information to be protected.

Doctors can provide information such as exercises to patient via the interactive backend system.

Case study 2: Logistic Tracking & Accounting Tool

Provision of ERP + Accounting tool for users to track shipment, delivery status, and statement of account to respective customers. Users can also track the ETA of the deliverables via intuitive tracking systems on mobile devices. Able to generate important reports and a set of accounts based on the user’s requirements.

Case study 3: Wish fulfilment Payment System

A full-fledged platform for customer-to-customer payment cloud platform. Accept payment from payment gateway, track progress and detail detection mechanism.

* Note: All customized solutions solely belong to their respective users therefore, we do/can not display any screenshot or provide any company name as reference. Customer’s privacy and confidentiality is our top priority.